Celebrating and Expanding our Wild & Scenic Rivers




The Rogue River is one of eight US rivers designated as Wild & Scenic in 1968. It’s outstanding fish, wildlife and recreational values bring thousands of people to southern Oregon every year and are a driving force for the Rogue Valley’s tourism industry. With its Wild and Scenic designation the Rogue is offered limited protections but not nearly enough.

Since 2008, there has been a concerted effort to expand the Rogue Wilderness from its 58,000 acre size to nearly double that amount. This would protect the majority of the surrounding public forest lands in the Wild & Scenic Rogue River corridor which are essential to the overall health of the Rogue. Increased protections would safeguard cold water tributary streams, wildlife and fish habitat, and ensure a healthy Wild & Scenic Rogue River.

Rogue Riverkeeper works with local outfitters, guides, fishermen, and community members to continue to support wilderness expansions and Wild & Scenic designations. With little opposition and strong local support, we continue to beat the drum for more protections of our Wild & Scenic Rogue and Illinois Rivers.

At Rogue Riverkeeper, we work to: