Working to Reform Wastewater Pollution in the Rogue Basin




Wastewater is an important part of our municipal infrastructure. Water gets used in your house or business, then goes down the drain and ends up at a wastewater treatment facility. These treatment facilities are required to filter and treat the water so that it can either be used again or discharged in a responsible way, usually into a nearby waterway. Unfortunately, too many of our local facilities are using old or unnecessary methods that are having a negative effect on our rivers, streams, and fish.


Many of the wastewater treatment plants in the Rogue Valley are in dire need of upgrades and maintenance. Cities who own these facilities have an obligation to abide by their clean water act permits and to fix issues with the discharge from their facilities. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) also has an obligation to ensure that these city facilities are in compliance with their permits and if not see to it that they remedy the situation.

At Rogue Riverkeeper, we work to:

  • Hold local cities accountable for pollution issues from their wastewater treatment plants;
  • Highlight these issues with DEQ so that they use their authority to get cities into compliance with their permits;
  • Apply public pressure through education and awareness;
  • Bring stakeholders together to find solutions to wastewater pollution issues.