Stopping the Pacific Connector Fracked Gas Pipeline


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A massive fracked gas export pipeline is proposed for southern Oregon that would stretch from Malin, Oregon more than 230 miles to Coos Bay, Oregon. The Jordan Cove LNG (liquefied natural gas) Project is a proposal by Canadian energy corporation Pembina to ship fracked natural gas from Canada and the Rockies through southern Oregon to the coast to be shipped overseas.

The associated Pacific Connector Pipeline, also known as the “LNG Pipeline,” would cross more than 400 rivers and streams including the Rogue, Klamath, and Umpqua rivers. Many of the 600 landowners who would be directly impacted by the pipeline will face eminent domain if they don’t give up their property for the pipeline route. Constructing the pipeline would require clear-cutting a 95-foot buffer through public lands impacting a region with significant fire and earthquake hazards.

Rogue Riverkeeper has been working to stop the Jordan Cove LNG Project since its inception in the mid-2000’s. With our coalition partners at Rogue Climate, we have helped make this a statewide issue bringing it national attention. The Jordan Cove LNG Project is the only LNG export project proposed for the US west coast threatening our rivers, private property, tribal territories, public lands, communities, and our climate.

At Rogue Riverkeeper, we work to:

  • Lead a coalition with our partners at Rogue Climate to oppose the LNG pipeline;
  • Track and respond to state and federal permitting processes;
  • Develop technical comments about the impacts to the health of the Rogue;
  • Work with local community members to demonstrate local opposition to the project.