Preventing Polluted Runoff in the Rogue



When rainwater falls on a hard surface, such as a rooftop or parking lot, it can’t soak into the ground. Instead, water runs along the hard surface where it may pick up pollutants from brake linings to heavy metals before flowing directly into local rivers and streams.

Importantly, stormwater runoff doesn’t just occur in urban areas.Polluted runoff can result when rainwater falls on any less permeable surface, such as a logging road or a farm field. This type of pollution is known as “stormwater runoff” and can result in fish kills, habitat degradation, and the contamination of drinking water supplies and recreational areas. 

At Rogue Riverkeeper, we work to:

  • Strengthen Clean Water Act permits to manage polluted runoff;
  • Prioritize green infrastructure approaches, like rain gardens and green roofs, that capture and treat rainwater where it falls;
  • Address polluted runoff from agricultural and forestry practices by strengthening state laws, regulations, and Best Management Practices requirements to better protect clean water and native fish.