Tell Oregon Dept. of State Lands to Deny Removal-Fill Permit for the Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline!

2019 will be a critical year for defeating the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline project. On December 6th, the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) opened up a 60-day comment period for a critical removal-fill permit required for the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline project.

What is a “removal-fill” permit”?

 Oregon DSL requires a “removal-fill” permit for activities that involve removing or filling in material in wetlands, rivers, and streams. Jordan Cove is required to get a removal-fill permit because the construction of the project involves these activities, including dredging out and removing material from the bottom of Coos Bay and filling in wetlands.

Why should the Oregon Department of State Lands deny the removal-fill permit?

Oregon DSL should deny the removal-fill permit because Jordan Cove has failed to demonstrate that the project is consistent with the protection, conservation, and best use of Oregon’s waterways. Further, Jordan Cove has failed to demonstrate that the project will not interfere with public health, safety, navigation, fishing, and public recreation.

Construction of the Jordan Cove LNG terminal would require dredging out Coos Bay and the navigation channel to allow LNG tankers to access the port. Dredging these areas would likely increase turbidity (murkiness) in the bay, harming habitat for salmon and shellfish. Construction of the project would cause the permanent loss of critical habitat at the bottom of Coos Bay, increased water temperatures from discharges of cooling water, injury to fish and other aquatic life, and the permanent loss of coastal riparian vegetation. Dredging Coos Bay will allow water to move more quickly in the event of a tsunami, increasing risks to local communities. The proposed location of the export terminal would put thousands of Coos County residents in a hazardous blast zone, while the gas pipeline would cross some of Oregon’s most fire-prone forests.

The construction of the 229-mile pipeline would impact at least 485 waterways, including the Rogue, Klamath, Umpqua, Coos, and Coquille Rivers. At each stream, wetland, or river crossed by the pipeline, construction would require cutting down streamside vegetation, which keeps water temperatures cool. Additionally, pipeline crossings would require dredging, damming, diverting, or digging below waterways that would increase pollution by increasing stream temperature, turbidity (murkiness), and impairing healthy aquatic habitat for fish. The project would also put the drinking water supplies for more than 116,000 Oregonians at risk.

How can I ask Oregon Department of State Lands to deny the removal-fill permit?

This permit is one of the important state permits Jordan Cove needs for the project to move forward. If Oregon DSL denies this permit, it could stop the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline in its tracks. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

1. Attend a hearing! We need you and everyone you know to attend a hearing to show DSL that southern Oregon does not want this project! There will be hearings in each of the impacted counties and Salem. Hearings will be held from 5:30 - 8PM.

Monday, Jan. 7 at Klamath Falls Community College, 7390 S 6th St., Klamath Falls

Tuesday, Jan. 8 at the Jackson County Expo, 1 Peninger Rd, Central Point

Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Seven Feathers Casino, 146 Chief Miwaleta Ln., Canyonville

Thursday, Jan. 10 at the Mill Casino, 3201 Tremont Ave., North Bend

Tuesday, Jan. 15 at the DSL, Land Board Room, 775 Summer St NE, Salem

2. Write a comment! Take action and ask Oregon DSL to deny the removal-fill permit.

3. Volunteer! Do you have an hour or two to call folks to let them know about the hearings? Attend one of the following phone banks to help get the word out. Click on the dates below to sign up! 

·  Tuesday, December 11th, 5-7pm at the RAC, Medford

·  Monday, December 17th, 5-7pm at the RAC, Medford

·  Tuesday, December 18th, 5-7PM at the Rogue Riverkeeper office, Ashland 

·  Thursday, December 20th, 5-7pm at the RAC, Medford

·  Thursday, January 3rd Phonebank and art make 5-7pm at the RAC, Medford

Rogue Riverkeeper has been a leader in the fight against the Jordan Cove LNG project for over a decade. We are carefully monitoring the permitting process and reading through thousands of permit application pages. We let you know about important hearings and comment periods. And most importantly, we're writing and submitting hundreds of pages of substantive comments on behalf of you, your waterways, and your communities. 

For the Rogue,


Robyn Janssen